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Happy New Year from Flatland Finery Vintage

Updated: Jan 13

Welcome to 2024 and to my very first blog post! We are celebrating 8 years of online selling and can’t wait to expand both online and in person as we enter the new year. 

I’m Nicole, the picker, seller and occasional model behind Flatland Finery Vintage. My passion for vintage clothing, like many sellers, began in a quest for fun and funky fashion as a teenager. I began selling on eBay in the late 1990s/early 2000s with my best buddy, focusing on kitschy t-shirts and streetwear. I quickly learned that vintage clothing offered styles, silhouettes and construction that modern textiles just couldn't match. As my wardrobe grew, I began to acquire more vintage clothing than I could wear and Flatland Finery Vintage was born! The shop began on Etsy in 2016, and quickly grew over the years to require a variety of sales platforms. Though our focus is now on our stand alone website, we still offer items on eBay, Instagram and Etsy. We are a small online based shop, but you can also find us at local street fairs, markets and pop ups. We can also accommodate in person shopping by appointment, so just reach out!

Flatland Finery Vintage focuses on true vintage clothing from the 1900s to the 1970s, but we celebrate high quality modern items as well. We love to hunt for classic, funky and functional clothing and try our best to find a variety of items for the whole family.

The easiest way to keep track of new shop updates is to join our email list and follow us on Instagram @flatlandfineryvintage - We post previews of new items, fun vintage finds and historical info about items and brands

I’ll leave it there for now, but check back soon for a look at what’s coming to Flatland Finery Vintage in 2024. 


Flatland Finery Vintage


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